Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1. General Information

  1. By making purchase of products or services on RaceChipGalaxy website Customer agrees to all Terms & Conditions and other rules of Sale.
  2. The operator of the RaceChipGalaxy website is RaceChipGalaxy based in the Republic of Ireland.
  3. All relations under the Agreement between RaceChipGalaxy (“Offerer“) and its Customer are the subject to general commercial terms and conditions. Any possible exemptions shall be considered only if previously confirmed between RaceChipGalaxy and the Customer in writing or if explicitly specified in these general commercial terms and conditions.
  4. The Customer undertakes to provide complete and true data (name, address, etc.) in the form of order. In the event of providing false data, the Customer shall bear liability for any damage resulting from it.
  5. If any of the provisions of these general commercial terms and conditions becomes or shall become invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

2. Limitation of Liability

  1. Bearing in mind the present state of technology we cannot ensure a faultless and always available internet-based communication. We shall not bear any liability for a constant access to our online system, as well as for any technical or electronic errors which may occur whilst shopping, on which we have no influence, especially for the ones delaying processing or accepting orders.
  2. RaceChipGalaxy shares links to other sites on its website. To all of these links applies the rule: RaceChipGalaxy firmly declares that it has no impact on the appearance and content of these sites. Therefore, the company hereby declares that it does not treat the sites to which links are given as its property. This statement applies to all links shown and their contents.

3. Personal Data Protection

  1. Personal data provided to us by the Customer is protected in the manner that prevents access by third parties.
  2. Personal information provided by the Customer, if it is not necessary to clarify, amend, or change the content of the agreement, will be used solely for the performance of the contract of sale, for example, to provide services to a specified email address or physical address.
  3. All personal data provided to us by the Customer, necessary to carry out the placed order, shall be used solely to fulfill the provisions of the purchase-sale agreements concluded by the Parties. User’s data are the specific features allowing to identify the users, specifying individual time limits and scope of a given usufruct, as well describing telecommunications services used by the Customer. User’s data shall be processed by the Offerer for advertising purposes, in order to carry out market research, to improve our telecommunications services and to create profiles of users. The Customer shall be entitled to refuse to provide a consent on using the user’s data in such a manner.
  4. To receive any additional information or to refuse the consent to processing personal data and user data, it should be reported in writing via email to RaceChipGalaxy .

4. Copyright

  1. Services and products sold by RaceChipGalaxy are covered by worldwide copyright laws. Customer or third parties are not authorized to manufacture, distribute, or reproduce.
  2. RaceChipGalaxy reserves the right to claim equitable remuneration for the use and derive income from work.
  3. In matters not covered in this section, terms on copyright and related rights apply in accordance with international law.

5. Final provisions

  1. In matters not covered by the Term of Use shall apply the provisions of the Civil Code, the Law on the specific terms of consumer sales, the Act on Competition and Consumer Protection and the Law on the protection of certain consumer or other laws applicable to the activities and operations of an online store, in accordance with international law.
  2. Offerer reserves the right to substitute the Terms of Use without prior approval by the Customer.