Terms of Sale

Terms of sale

1. Concluding the Agreement

  1. Images and other products presented by RaceChipGalaxy on the internet or in other media are not an offer of sale, but merely an invitation to submit customer bids (invitatio ad offerendum). Requests can be submitted online via order forms prepared by RaceChipGalaxy .
  2. Orders placed by the Customer are accepted taking into account the current conditions and prices. To make the invoice we take into consideration only the price valid at the moment of the order. All prices are gross prices.
  3. The offer is available only for a limited period of time and in a limited quantity. In the event the limit of the offer or period of time is exceeded, one may not lay claim the right to delivery.

2. Payments

  1. Payments for the services may be made in the form of a pre-payment by a credit card, a transfer to the indicated bank account or via the PayPal system.
  2. Payment by cheque or cash is not possible.
  3. We shall not bear any liability for any cash payments.
  4. RaceChipGalaxy reserves the right to accept or refuse certain forms of payment in individual cases.

3. Service Delivery

  1. All delivery services are FREE of charge for all Customers at all time.
  2. The service is provided only while stocks last. Where service delivery is not possible, RaceChipGalaxy undertakes to immediately notify this fact to the customer. If the customer has paid for the service, its value will be returned immediately.
  3. Transport packaging and all other types of packaging shall not be returned, according to the guidelines concerning the packaging. The Party agrees to dispose the packaging appropriately on its own cost.
  4. In case of a delivery which fails to comply with the Agreement resulting from the fault of our company, the Customer agrees to grant the Company an additional 2-week delivery deadline for the products ordered. In other cases, the Customer shall not be entitled to withdraw from the Agreement.

4. Right to withdraw from the Terms of the Agreement

  1. Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 30 days counted from the date of the agreement. Goods and services from RaceChipGalaxy returned in this mode shall be delivered in full without any damage, and no signs of usage. Returned service or returned goods cannot be earlier copied, reproduced and made ​​
  2. All products should be returned to any courier at their own expense to the address indicated by RaceChipGalaxy.

5. Returns Rights

  1. Buyer has the right to return the product only in case of non-compliance with the agreement within 30 days from the date of its delivery.
  2. Buyer agrees on delivering a document of complaint by e-mail (info@racechipgalaxy.com) within 30 days from the date of concluding the non-compliance of the service with the contract.
  3. RaceChipGalaxy accepts no liability for irrelevant derogation of provided services from the ones offered.
  4. Damage caused by incorrect activities of the customer and activities inconsistent with the agreement are not the basis for filing claims against RaceChipGalaxy.

6. Retention

  1. Delivered service or product remains the property of RaceChipGalaxy until receiving the full payment for the service or product.
  2. At a time when the customer sells service or product owned by RaceChipGalaxy, she/he undertakes to take over responsibility for claims arising from claims of ownership.
  3. Customer agrees to report immediately any attempt to take over services or products RaceChipGalaxy owned by third parties.
  4. Every pledge, transfer of ownership, etc. of the service or product owned by the company is possible with a prior consent by RaceChipGalaxy.
  5. In case the customer breaks the provisions of the contract, does not deliver the payment even upon receipt of payment reminders, she/he undertakes to deliver services or products to RaceChipGalaxy.

7. Withdrawal

  1. RaceChipGalaxy has the right to withdraw from the contract if part of the delivery or service remained unfulfilled because of misrepresentation on the creditworthiness of the customer or if objective reasons of liquidity and the customer, in spite of requests from RaceChipGalaxy, has not made the prepayment, nor appropriate assurances, as well as in case when the customer has declared insolvency or the application to initiate insolvency proceedings has been rejected due to lack of property cover.