Cr-10 Pro

ProRacing® CR-10Pro

Features of Common Rail fuel Injection (comparing to older fuel injections types):

  • Steadier engine performance
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Lower heat emission
  • Improved noise quality
  • Reduced emissions
  • Achieving higher parameters such as power and torque

New Generation RCG Chiptuning ProRacing® CR-10 PRO Digital Chip Tuning Box

There are 10 settings (10 MAPs) on the CR-10 PRO Chip Tuning Box.

10 MAPs stand for 10 different settings allowing you to choose an optimal MAP for your particular vehicle. We change the settings using switches located on the front of the box.

The CR-10 PRO Chipbox is a new and revolutionary digital tuning tool.

The CR-10 PRO is a digital tool which allows the driver to adjust settings in line with your vehicle and your expectations. According to your choice you can drive either more dynamically on shorter distance in urban areas or mixed cycle OR more economically on longer routes.

The CR-10 PRO Chip Tuning Box is very easy to use.

The driver can quickly and easily change the settings of the software in the ECU, which so far required professional tools and skills.

The CR-10 PRO Chip Tuning Box by RCG Chip-tuning:

  • more power and torque by up to 30%
  • New Generation Microprocessor generating up to 24 Million operations per second
  • fuel consumption reduction by up to 2 litres per 100 km
  • quick setting adjustment using 10 switches (10 MAPs)
  • no need to modify the original software of the ECU
  • simple and safe method of car tuning even for the cars under warranty
  • easy and quick installation, done within minutes
  • original plugs straight from the manufacturer provide reliability of connection
  • Eliminates flat spot and reduces Turbo lag
  • Vehicle accelerates already in lower RPM
  • Can be used in cars with both manual and automatic transmission
  • PCB is covered with epoxy resin ( -40 C – 80 C )
  • Manufactured in the EU. State of the Art high-tech facility
  • 24 Months Warranty

The most significant advantages of the CR-10 PRO Chip Tuning Box by RCG Chiptuning:

  • 10 specific settings. The tool has 10 specific settings. Each of them has different parameters of power, torque and fuel consumption reduction. That’s why we can pick among sport settings, which apply the highest parameters and everyday use which apply the best fuel consumption reduction.
  • Better dynamics of driving, more responsive accelerator.
  • More power by up to 30% or 45 HP, depending on the MAP and the original power of the vehicle.
  • Higher speed limit – when a vehicle gets more power it can simultaneously reach higher maximum speed.
  • More torque – torque is very significant in everyday use of your car. Correctly adjusted torque maintains more fluent driving without frequent gear shift.
  • Fuel consumption reduction – among 10 specific MAPs there are the ECO ones which reduce fuel consumption. We use them on longer routes allowing us to save up to 2 Litres per 100 km.
  • No car warranty loss – you can safely use the CR-10 PRO Chip Tuning Box in cars under warranty as no parameters of the ECU get permanently modified. After removing the box ECU goes back to original settings so the previous modification is traceless for example during vehicle check-up.
  • Immediate results – The CR-10 ProRacing® PRO Chip Tuning Box improves power using electronics without tampering with mechanical parts of the engine or its components and the results are immediately noticeable.
  • Durability and reliability – the CR-10 ProRacing® PRO Chip Tuning Box was built on SMD technology, the unit is protected by temperature resistant, durable casing. The wires in heat-proof electrical conduit are equipped with water resistant plugs which provide durability and dependability of the connection.

Unique, revolutionary and patented technologies invented and introduced first time ever by our special technical team located in Germany.

  1. SECS cutting-edge technollogy: Safety Engine Control System.
  2. OPT cutting-edge technollogy: Original Plug Technology.
  3. DWS cutting-edge technollogy: Double Wire System.
  4. S&G cutting-edge technollogy: Switch and Go System.
  5. QC cutting-edge technollogy: Quick Click System

You can choose one of the following:

  • Sport-mode maps – maps numbered 1-3 , selected for dynamic driving on shorter distances; they produce the highest power and torque increase
  • Universal maps – maps numbered 4-7, selected for everyday driving, producing increase in power and torque, improving the way the engine works causing fuel consumption reduction by around 0.5 – 1 per 100 km
  • Economical maps – maps numbered 8-10, causing the best fuel economy and simultaneous improvement of the engine performance. Depending on the engine size the fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 2,0 l per 100 km


Q: Should the chip box stay attached to the common rail at all times?

A: Yes, to use the device you should always keep it connected to the pressure sensor on the common rail. When you remove the chip box from the common rail the car goes back to its original settings.

Q: When I turn the engine off the LED lights are still on. Can it lead to emptying the car battery?

A: No, the LED consume only minimal amount of power. When the engine is turned off, the computer cuts off the power automatically of the car installation. The power cut off time is different for each car, it can vary from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the car make and model.

Q: Should I turn the engine off before I change MAPs?

A:Yes. The driver should always turn the engine off before they change the MAP. By doing so you can be sure that such modification influences ECU in the correct way.

Did you know that:

Car manufacturers are very cautious when they design engines. Engines have to comply with regulations of the market, emission standards or parameters of the actual model. Almost all engines have bigger possibilities, only they are limited by the manufacturer. Surely your vehicle is more powerful than it performs!

The set includes:

  • The CR-10 PRO Chip Tuning Box
  • Wires including original plugs
  • Original cotton sack
  • Manual
  • Warranty Certificate
  • A photo of sensor localization
  • 10% Discount coupon on your next shopping