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About us

Over ten years ago as the first Chip Box appeared to fulfill all expectations, the team of our highly educated and skilled engineers started designing and manufacturing a whole range of electrical tuning devices for cars. They always build a prototype and test it themselves before releasing a new product. If there happens to be even the slightest fault the constructors will work on it till the problem disappears. One of our priorities was ensuring that our chip boxes will never harm the engine or its components even in the long run. Caring for all the details, great customer support and valuing high quality above all made us one of the best companies manufacturing chip tuning boxes of the highest standards.

Our customers can be sure that they buy a dependable, useful and worthy device. Thus, throughout the years we gained a whole army of supporters all over the globe. Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Portugal, Taiwan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United States, Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa are some of the markets where we supply customers with our superb products. This year we are planning on expanding our markets into even more countries in Europe as well as other continents. Individual character of every design and meticulous care at all stages of manufacture make our devices different and better than most of our competitors’.

Our constant investment in technology means that we always offer our customers the very best product. With our latest technology we can tune the engines that other companies can’t.